Learning to ride the waves

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Three Zero


Slowly approaching thirty, some say a new decade in life. I feel so calm, so peaceful ready to embark on the unknown. 

I feel like things are starting to fall right into place and make sense. I am working so hard and it is really playing off. I have my health and my friends that truly love me for me are still supporting me. My twenties was much like driving a car at times with no control. I was not really great at making decisions that would benefit me and I really didn’t know that much about myself or what I wanted. Great way to learn shit is through EXPERIENCE.

Through my twenties I feel like there was so much pressure to try and be this person that was not me. Now I can see the beauty in myself the things that make me different are  what make me so beautiful and I love myself (not everyday ha) but I really love the person on the inside that I have become. I feel like I got a stripe on my life belt, I feel like I am graduating to a cooler class. For the first time in my life I feel ok in my own skin. Feels so good to be ok with yourself and where you are at. And thing is I know that the wave will get high again I know that life will throw me off this high that I am on, but I have tools to fight like hell to get back to a steady place.

Through trail and error

Through a ton of hard work

Through a lot of heart ache and forgiveness

Persistence and perseverance

Sometimes the path looks so unclear, I am ok now with navigating through dark waters.

Closing a chapter and beginning a new.

Sweet Sweet Twenties thank you so much for all that you have taught me, GOODBYE! Arrivederci!


Ps. all you girls that used to make fun of me because I have thick eyebrows, ummm I see you drawling your eyebrows on. my my how the tables have turned  



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