Learning to ride the waves

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Broken Glass

Eyes closed, I am still fighting for PEACE.

As my body floats here in the deep end, I reach my hand out for help you peer over, laugh and push me out further. It’s all weighing me down, all the noise, all the carelessness, all the ego, all the selfishness, all those hurtful words, It’s like a chain wrapped around my ankle and the more I try to move forward it likes to pull me back a step or two…… I am so angry, so angry that you can’t see what you are doing, what pain you are causing ! I am so angry you can’t see me trying so hard! No encouragement, no pushing me forward only trying to keep me here at bay with you. Your weighing me down and I feel like a am fighting to keep afloat with ever single fiber in me. I refuse to become like this, I refuse to be this unhealthy, I have to separate myself from it I can see it but I have to step back, I refuse to imitate my surrounding. I have to keep myself in the right head space.

Maybe it seems so impossible… maybe it seems so hard but I am going to fight like  hell to get it, I will wake up earlier, go to bed later

work more I will not stop until I find a way out.  I will find a way. I am determined





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