Learning to ride the waves

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New Feels



Paralyzing fears take over like breeding bacteria, stewing as thoughts become more and more complex in the dark chambers of my mind.

My mind races and tries to make sense of things, but things just don’t make sense. I want all the answers and I need them now my mind demands! I have to question every step I am taking to make sure it is the right one? This order is too tall. Things do not work that way , not in this dimension. I have no answers just questions, over analyzing everything, every aspect of everything trying to be extra careful. This is exhausting. I don’t want to over analyze or question everything. I just want to let things be what they will be. Is that to much to ask? Maybe I became this way over time thinking if I examine every possible outcome I would have prepared myself enough to handle the outcome. This isn’t true you never know the outcome. And trying to prepare is just a waste of energy and takes away from enjoying the process of life. I JUST DON’T WANT TO OVERTHINK IT  LEAVE ME ALONE MONKEYS I AM DOING JUST FINE.  AND I AM ALLOWED TO BE FINE. 


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