Learning to ride the waves

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Haiku and more

I feel like stopping

I feel like screaming so loud now

pumpkin spice coffee


I need a spark! need a glimpse of light a breath of hope.  I feel so dull and routine.

I need something spicy.

I need a new approach, a new outlook ,a new feeling ,a new way of seeing things.

I have to shake it up I have to keep it moving. I have to believe in something.

Maybe it’s the booze, maybe it’s the period, maybe it’s the dark rainy cold weather coming that keeps me here? Maybe it’s the cheaters, maybe it’s the impersonal relationships that we have to create through a variety of snaps and chats. Maybe I should have showered today. Maybe I am thinking to much, Maybe I am too much. Maybe I don’t want the same things, maybe it’s meant to be like this. ughhhhh


 Today as I peeled myself out of bed and into my clothes that I have worn already this week as I put myself together and hurried out of the house to get to that place on time. I saw your face, a smile and a tear came upon me. Daddy how I miss you. I remember you waking me up for school so patience and happy in the mornings, what I would give to have you here with me today. My heart aches I miss you I love you. 


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