Learning to ride the waves

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It’s dark I’m just flying through the tunnels of my mind I see a ray of light a glimpse of hope but then the dark rushes in. I sleep the sleep  weighs so heavy on my body I can’t even move. What is happening? I can’t remember a time of complete silence. My mind is racing now trying to find an answer. It’s complicated, she just wants to smile, sweet release maybe falling into the abyss. A deep inhale and exhale I have no answers. Not right now maybe I need time maybe it’s not for me, maybe this is the way my life will be? Questions arise I just don’t want to think about it anymore, I see the ugly as it comes up I acknowledge it and move on. Your way is not my way, and my way not your’s. We all have different path’s that we can be sure. I see no clear answers nothing comes to my mind. I struggle to find a reason I tap out fall behind. Ummmm this loneliness. Solitude. I sit, I walk, It’s quite and I do not want to think I do not want to talk. I want nothing I really just want nothing. That’s it.



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