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I was reading something somewhere ( probably made it up) that people only post stuff on soical media that shows them being extremely happy and only doing the funniest things, like the highest moments of life. The problem with this is that it’s not real. People aren’t always happy and in states of extreme excitement.I mean that’s just not real. So when you look on social media, facebook, instagram, twitter, there are probably a ton of other sites you can look at…..you see all pictures and posts of all the funniest moments and the happiest moments that people have.

Life isn’t like that all the time it really isn’t true not everyone is always happy, or doing something extremely fun. These outlets protray a story that is much different then the truth of what day to day life is like, and I think it gives people a false sense of what reality is like. I look at stuff and I found it starting to seep into my brain, it gets me down sometimes. Because I have to tell you I am not happy all the time honsetly and my life is really much like a routine at times. I do not have a perfect relationship. Some days it’s so fucking hard. I mean really for me it really is, people never talk about that stuff they never say like man this really took alot of work or we aren’t happy all the time. I wish there was a truth site to go too cause I think that would be more interesting then the shit people post, I mean I am guity of it too, but I am also not afraid of telling people that things are not always fun for me and that shit is boring at times, and hard and confusing , I could go on and on. 

I get so used to scrolling soical media platforms, after I feel like shit. I am like man look at all these happy people with perfect families and happy reationships doing all these fun things….. not happening for me not really happy right now either.YOU CAN’T ALWAYS BELIEVE WHAT YOU SEE.

most things are not really what they seem and most people have a pretty routine life, with lots of ups and downs.

You only see the up’s I wonder what it would be like if people showed us the down’s too.

The other day I was feeling like dog shit. Mostly because I was stuck looking at all the guys I turned down , a year or two later what happy places they are in. In relationships some of them are married starting families, and I felt pretty bad about it. Like maybe I missed my chance I screwed up and that’s it……

I messed things up with all those people because I really wasn’t ready to be with anyone at the time. I just couldn’t get out of my way and do it. I still have problems with it but I am getting better.

Anyway my point is that after I looked at that stuff I evaluted my life… And I wasn’t that happy about what was going on.  I was scared again about the choices I have made, am I making the right ones? Did I completey screw up everything? I am glad people are happy and started families and in relationships and things are going great, but I think that social media can really paint a false picture for people.






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