Learning to ride the waves

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Ice cube

Ice cube

I sit here in silence as my mind races…..thoughts running rapid though the windows of my mind

A brick of ice for some time now…….solid cold lump of hatred

As this ice melts away I can feel my calloused heart beating again……beating and beating

What a scary exciting feeling I never thought it would happen, maybe determined to make sure of that.

Dead for the winter but now slowly coming to life it’s a rebirth, I feel alive in ways that I can’t describe through words.

Like a turtle I come out of my shell, I can feel again the warm feeling of the sun, the cool breeze, the smell of the

season, and then I start to retreat. A push and pull tug of war with my feelings and my fears. So much at risk so much

to lose again… But isn’t that part of the excitement? No reward without risk? These walls that I have built and put in

place they fire off alarms when I feel scared or excited and then I tend to retreat. I am getting a lot more comfortable

outside of my shell..little bit at a time.

Every now and then without warning I can be really mean towards you.

A puzzle….

this is and it sure does seem like you have the pieces I need.


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