Learning to ride the waves

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Content with watching me bleed. If feels good to hear me cry. Silence. AS the pain and fury run rapid through my aching body. As my mind runs wild..replaying the imagery of the night it all fell apart. My heart stopped cold sweats take over. My hands begin to shake from my boiling blood. Slowly pacing back and fourth. My thoughts are not clear I can’t think straight everything is clashing in my head, I can’t breathe. As I look at you with eyes filled with water I can hardly see now. I want you to feel this pain of betrayal, this broken heart I want you to feel this for a thousand years. Now if your done with embarrassing me here’s the knife take it and twist just alittle deeper. As the knife penetrates deeper into my heart a piece of me rises up and floats ways.

I feel lighter.

I can breathe.

I can feel.

Death dark ugly death followed by rebirth.

What a beautiful thing.


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