Learning to ride the waves

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It Rained


It rained I wasn’t there when it rained but I seen the water left behind, puddles on the streets. The dampness in the air. I walked down the street and there was no one around the streets where empty, it was so quiet, no noise so quiet I could hear myself breathing. I walked and just kept walking not sure of where I was going but I FELT so free. my body was so light, painless, no clothes just my skin the way I was born with nothing.. I just kept moving I wasn’t scared at all there was a calmness around me, so strong. I closed my eyes and I felt so free… no worries no pain no fear no regrets no heartache just peace. Not a thought in my head just walking in the streets. I laid in the street the cold street felt so good on my body. I laid there and thought maybe the rain came a washed away all the pain, maybe the rain came and washed away all the heartache, while I was a sleep at tug a war in my mind maybe I woke up in a new reality. This world with less noise… less chaos.. less worry… less fear.. just hear being maybe this is the new place to be. Maybe it will rain soon


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