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Can dating be impossible?


Can anyone relate?

I have been dating for two years now.  I think it’s been that long. I was in a relationship for 5 years, I broke it off because he decided he wanted to sleep with other people and not tell me so I split. Of course after that I knew I had a lot of work to do on myself, figuring things out for myself, healing, growing stronger, moving on, learning to trust again, the list goes on and on. Experience’s in our life force us to face things even if we don’t want to. I had some things I needed to face. Now I am working on myself with my trusting people and being open to love, I want to love and let love in, but I swear dating has been so hard that I feel exhausted from trying. First of all there are some many things that I find have to line up in order for me to want to build something with someone. It’s not just boom you meet someone and the birds start singing like some cartoon. (I mean you could definitely meet someone and want to have sex with them right away the desire could be there but that doesn’t last it dies out.. there has to be more) I think biological we are all looking for certain needs to be met. I really believe this is true.. Myself I feel like I am looking for an Alpha male someone who is confident, driven, smart, witty, sure of himself. Women from the beginning of time are looking for good providers for a family someone who can protect, and be a good leader.  And men have biological needs too, they are looking for women who can provide things for them as well!!….. skip a head to 2015 we still have these needs in us… like the laws of attraction ya know like things women want and things men want they are real fucking things… Why is it so hard to get it right? Are there a lot of people just settling for whatever comes their way? Is there something wrong with me that I’m not pairing up with anyone well? Jesus I can’t keep up!? In the world of online dating and twitter and facebook and grinder and the fucking list goes on and on I can’t pair up with anyone? Are there so many options that it completely paralyzes me into not wanting to think about anything? I feel like maybe I’m doing something wrong but then I don’t… I am 28 not getting any younger I am single and have no children besides my princess Kira. And as I watch all my friends start there families and build relationships with the opposites sex I can’t help but to wonder what am I waiting for? Does it have to be this complicated? Maybe I haven’t ran into the right person yet? Am I being to picky maybe I should over look the fact that I don’t like a lot of things and move past them… Is that what we are suppose to do? Do I need a dating coach?  I feel like the longer I am alone the more I am content with just being alone. I don’t know. I seriously never new that dating would be so complicated. Never. If you do have someone in your life and you share a special connection with them then you are very lucky you should hold them tight and enjoy your time together. Dating has been a bumpy ride for me. I am still in search for now I need a nap.


2 comments on “Can dating be impossible?

  1. Lori Latimer
    June 7, 2015

    Man, I’ve been pretty much single for the past five years and I often wonder what I need to do. But I still love my life, you know? It’s hard to be open to love, but I think we’ll get there. We’re both great ladies and we’ll find good men. I believe that. x0x0!

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