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The animal inside


I inhale… exhale as I think about how weak I have been. Imagine raging as I release the pain from my growl. I stalk my pain.. like an animal waiting for the kill. My face reads fierce and ready to attack. Boiling over my edges the pain filled thoughts of unhappiness. Boiling like a burning mass of Lava bursting out of me, a loud intense scream. The tears pour down my face making it hard to see. I can’t see but I feel the release…the pain. I want to fight. I want to bleed.  As my mouth tenses up and my teeth become so tight. My body is so filled with rage  I can not think straight, just thoughts of my target and my rage…. my breathing is starting to speed up… in and out heavy breaths.  My nose is flared as I growl, my head tilted slightly downward as I pace back and fourth like an animal ready to chase my prey.  Smell the intensity in the air. My heart beats slowly and I can feel every single beat, I hear nothing, sound is completely gone now. This emotional purge is pouring out of me.

I can’t turn back.

I have been waiting for this moment.

Get ready here it comes.


One comment on “The animal inside

  1. vitamariexo
    July 15, 2015

    Awesome I felt your emotions grrrr!! Lol your a great writer!

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