Learning to ride the waves

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Things I would tell my 20 year old self

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I read a lot of blogs, articles about things people would have told their younger self. So I decided to write one that I would tell my younger self  or younger friends. I’m 27 pushing 28 so in the later years of my twenties I can really start to pause and look back. I’ll do 5 things I would love to tell young Diana, and young ladies in the beginning of there 20’s

1. First It’s ok to feel lost.

People put so much pressure on you to know what you want to do, pick a career. Get yourself in a good college, or a great job. Your twenties should be a time where you can apprentice LIFE go out there work different jobs figure out what you don’t like so you can find what you do. Don’t feel like your lost because your not. Go out there in the world and play see what’s interesting see what sparks your inner fires, you could take a couple wrong turns but enjoy the process.

2. Please be kind to yourself

My god please stop stop picking ourselves apart, WE should be this size or that size this hair color or that hair color BLAH BLAH BLAH. The media has a huge influence one what we think is normal or what we are suppose to look like. They brain wash us without us even knowing, (don’t watch to much t.v). This is the truth wanna hear it …… You can try to change yourself all you want, you can change everything from hair color to the size of your chest, But at the end of the day you have to still face those insecurities that you have deep down with yourself. Learn to love yourself and be kind to yourself. Don’t compare yourself to other people because it’s not a good habit so BREAK IT NOW. Learn to be ok with yourself and there is so much more beauty in that. I know being a young girl it’s so hard, believe me but the truth is that you are not like anyone else so love yourself.

3. Friends are like angels

Surround yourself with loving people, people who encourage you, and inspire you. You go through life and you have these experiences with people and that is a special thing. Friends will be there to pull you out of the mud and you will be there for them to do the same. It’s important to have good connections with people because at the end of the day you’ll look back and that’s what life is about the special bonds and connections you make along the way. My friends are very special to me. I have laughed, cried, and had some of the best times of my life with my friends. They are strong, beautiful role models who inspire me to keep it moving.

4. Boys will come and go

Heartbreak is painful. I do understand this. I know I know believe me I know it’s like living in hell I know. I know you think that the pain will never stop I know believe me I know. But you have to understand that Heartbreak teaches us so much about ourselves. It teaches us that we can overcome anything. I promise that the storm passes and it gets easier. Heartbreak teaches us what kind of partner we want in life and most important what kind of woman we want to be. It teaches us to dig so deep to find the inner strength and once you find that… that’s a beautiful thing. The truth is every experience you have makes you better prepared for the next one. Heartbreak is part of life, it’s part of the learning, experience.. learn ..and grow from it. Learn and love again. Learning to ride the waves that’s my motto


If you see a lion on the street you should be afraid, or hear creepy noises… that’s not the type of fear I mean. Listen to your bodies instinct and if something feels wrong then go with it. I mean the fear where your afraid to take a boxing class, walk into that gym and take that class. This is what it looks like…. Man that half marathon looks like fun…  what if I fail? What if I can’t do it?? What if I poop myself?? What if I die?? What will people think?? STOP JUST STOP. Stop worrying about the outcome and go for it. Stop worrying about what people think and challenge yourself to think outside the box, challenge your fears. Do things that your afraid of doing and I promise amazing things will happen. Stay uncomfortable and see those thoughts in your head happening and stop them. Magic happens outside of our comfort zone!!! So be courageous.

Ride the waves it’s up and down up and down. Enjoy the journey.

Learning to love ❤


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