Learning to ride the waves

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Grand Piano

ciao bellaThis music brings up emotion, and the tears build up. I hold my breath hoping that this feeling will pass. I sit in silence disappointed in my behavior, wanting to rage against everything and everyone to make them feel this burning pain. This hole that leaks out into my actions. I wonder if it will every feel whole again. Queen of fools young and naive , and as people watch my actions now I’m sure they wonder why I lash out, in these different ways all of which make me feel worst. A wounded bird bleeding out fire red. I want to scream so loud so that everyone can feel my pain. As I spiral downward into a puddle of regret there is to much noise and chaos but I’m still.  I stand still. Still I can feel every bit of it. Running wild this pain can not be contained it can not and it pours out. Wild Wild that’s what they say she is wild. I am not myself lately it’s been some time, I am working on getting back to that girl, until then I’ll run WILD WITH THE WOVLES.


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