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Nameless man I wanna know your name.


I can smell your pheromones, they are intoxicating my body. My heart starts to race.. bom bom bom.. as I close my eyes. Sweat starts to dip down my body. My breathe becomes louder as I inhale your aroma. The potent smell of your body drawls me in, I am weak for you. The smell is stimulating powerful and strong. Your presences arouses me I can’t look away. Like an animal I spot you, my stripe is up.  I CAN’T SPEAK. Speechless I am I just stare. I am shy too shy. I close my eyes and image you ripping all my clothes off in the middel of the street, taking my body and becoming one with it. It’s intense, the chemical substance that your body produces my body is CRAVING. If I could only speak…. what would I say. awwww My face turns red and my throat starts to close I am sweating.. I try to speak but I can’t…. nameless man I like your smell I wanna know your name.


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