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Emulsifications Emulsification Emulsification Emulsification Emulsification:

Emulsion is the mixture of two or more liquids that are not mixable. Vinger and oil example

In the Culinary world there are two types of emulsification: Fat into water,
water into fat. Fat into water examples would be mayonnaise,Aioli,Hollandaise, milk, cream and pan sauces. Water into fat examples would be vinaigrettes, and whole butter.

So how can you make a good vinaigrette or mayonnaise if fat and water these two molecules dot not mix….?

The first time I made a vinaigrette I seen the separation of the water and fat. The water stayed at the top of the container. This is not a good vinaigrette. They should be blended perfectly together with no separation. And that’s exactly what I learned.

A simple way to explain it without getting into the chemistry behind it would be shearing power, which is a liquid in motion. Shearing power is necessary in the emulsification process. Blending, shaking, stirring etc.

The key to blending or making a good emulsification is when the let’s say making Mayonnaise a fat into water emulsification … you have to add the fat very very slowly in the being phrase to give that fat a chance to breakdown and be dispersed throughout the water, using the shearing power and going very slowly the fat will be dispersed evenly and combine the two molecules beautifully. The same with water into fat the key is when adding the dispersed phase to go very very slowly.

I learned this after many mistakes, and the Sou Chef would say slowly slowly slowly add it slowly actually she would sing it S..L..O..W.L..Y

SLOWLY That’s the key


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