Learning to ride the waves

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Deep Thought

The Elephant is slow to mate

The elephant, the huge old beast,
is slow to mate
he finds a female, the show no haste
They wait

for the sympathy in their vast shy hearts
slowly slowly to rouse
as they loiter along the river-beds
and drink and browse

and dash in panic through the brake
of the forest with the herd,
and sleep in massive silence, and wake
together without a word.

So slowly the great hot elephant hearts
grow full of desire
and the great beasts mate in secret at last,
hiding their fire.

Oldest they are and the wisest of breasts
so they know at last
how to wait for the loneliest of feasts
for the repast

They do not snatch, they do not tear
their massive blood
moves as the moon tides near more near
till they touch in flood

D.H Lawrence


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