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I only write when I’m inspired

The older I get the less I give a shit about what people think, and there is something really freeing in that.

It’s exhausting trying to be perfect and trying to be exactly whatever everyone wants you to be. It’s also painfully obvious and unattractive I think when your trying really hard to be something whether it be pretty or funny or whatever, it’s not a good look. To be honset when you can just be yourself and feel comfortable in your own skin with who you are to me that is really attractive and sexy, Not trying so hard and just being you that is beautiful.  Less is More… The Simple things in life are the best to me. A simple meal is the best in my opinion.  Try less and blossom into your own being that’s beautiful.

I’m not the best at spelling, really actual very bad at it.

I have very thick eyebrows, I was blessed with lots of hair I’m italian

I always say things without thinking about what I’m saying not good ha

I’m not a stick figure, I have meat and curves

My family is loud and some would say crazy… if you don’t like it or being around it you can leave BYE

I am shy

I ask a lot of questions, it never ends there is always more.

I hate shopping (really) not food shopping ^_*

My hands are not manicured.

Just a simple gal…







3 comments on “I only write when I’m inspired

  1. Lori Latimer
    March 26, 2014

    Man, what a coincidence…I have posted anything but haikus in weeks. When I got home tonight, I poured my guts out. Then I saw this post. This must be a might day.

  2. Eli_phant
    March 30, 2014

    You are such an inspiration and a joy. You are wonderful!

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