Learning to ride the waves

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No one gets out alive !

Today I realized that we are all suffering.————————->

That you can not experience pleasure without pain. You can’t  just experience all happiness. If you are here in this existence as a human then chances are you will experience loss, loss of a love one, you will experience heart ache, that comes with love, you take that chance. You will experience so many different feelings and emotions, Up and down it’s always changing. I think the important thing is that we just be with whatever it is that we are feeling, really let it season us, just feel it and then let it pass. Everyone is suffering in their own way. Learn to have compassion for people, because everyone is in pain. 

No one and nothing will get out of this place ALIVE. Everything is temporary, we are always changing, I am not the same person I was this morning, in fact I am not the same person I was when I started writing this. My advice to myself is to embrace each day with as much love and passion as I possibly can. Life is a mystery, it sure as shit is to me, but I am learning to see the beauty in that, I am learning to see the beauty in my pain. Everything that I do experience, or did experience this far whether go or bad has built me into this person and I am starting to learn to love the person I am. 

Well I had a lot of thoughts today, and feelings,,, some of letting go of love, and some of joy looking forward to new love. 

I am learning that no matter how much control I wish I had over things… I have none and I am learning to be ok with that.

Learning to ride these waves..

Now to find someone to eat with… ummm a food partner ^_^ 


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