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Getting Comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Running more then 1 mile = uncomfortable

Talking to people I do not know = uncomfortable

Training with new people = uncomfortable

Thinking about death = uncomfortable

Thinking about how little I am compared to the universe = uncomfortable

Thinking about my boyfriend looking at another girls butt cheeks = uncomfortable

Over thinking = uncomfortable

I can really go on and on with this list. The point is I am trying to get comfortable with being uncomfortable because maybe being uncomfortable is the best way to be.

Not like if you are at a store and you have a feeling something bad is about to go down, not that type of uncomfortable, then you should go with your gut and stop, drop and roll like they taught us in school.

The type of uncomfortable where you just don’t know the outcome or you never did it before, or maybe it’s not your favor thing to do, but you know that it will make you a better person ( running ) or maybe your scared of being judged by others. These are all pretty uncomfortable situations.

So Maybe being uncomfortable is a stepping stone towards great things.

Trying to be UNCOMFORTABLE everyday.



2 comments on “Getting Comfortable with being uncomfortable.

  1. jcarpenter001
    April 18, 2013

    For me, uncomfortable sometimes means remembering to mindfully breath through the discomfort until I feel calmer, more at peace again. Other times, uncomfortable means I need to look at whether there’s something I need to do differently, change or talk with someone about. Hugs.

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