Learning to ride the waves

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This is something that I think all women go through because we are creatures of feeling, and feelings. Sometimes we get in our own way!
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Crawl Atop Me and Meet Your Doom

Last week one of my training partners told me that he could tell I was not in touch with my aggression. He said I was using my energy to hold back when I should be using it to attack. As some of you may have picked up from reading this blog (or from knowing me), I like to analyze everything. This was no different.

I mentioned what he said to a non-bjj friend of mine (I actually have some of those) and she told me that was somewhat expected as women are not really socialized to be aggressive. I thought this had merit but I wanted to dig deeper and think about why I was behaving this way. Right now I am only worried about fixing myself, I’ll work on society later.

I used to have a really bad temper. A really bad temper. I would scream, kick things, punch…

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  1. jcarpenter001
    February 13, 2013

    Thanks Diana. Good one! Wish I had this awareness during the 8 years I trained in Karate (into my 40’s). Wish I could train now in bjj and/or Judo!


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