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If you live in philadelphia and have not been to this place, then my friends you have not been able to taste the best pastries made!!!!… Ok I haven’t been to France they probably have great pastries too…

Top of the line pastries, freaking delicious beyond explainable through just words….My mouth is starting to water. I bet you guys are wondering what place I am talking about.


( located inside the READING TERMINAL  12th and Arch Streets)


Pumpkin Whoopie Pie

This place is so good from cupcakes to cookies to cake and pies! And get there early because they run out of stuff. I first found out about this bakery from watching T.V. This Bakery was featured on the food network channel, just so happens that I was watching and was so excited that this bakery was so close to home. I was never there before I had seen it on T.V.

So once I found out about it I had to check it out.

OOOO And what a great find. If you are visting philadelphia or live in Philadelphia, you have to check out The Flying Monkey Bakery you will not be disappointed, I know that for a fact!!

I went there on a Sunday and got one of almost everything, just to taste!!! and I loved it all.

This sunday I am going again and I can’t wait!!

here is a  link to there webpage



3 comments on “SWEET PASTRY LORDS!

  1. Lori Latimer
    October 3, 2012

    You know, I’ve wanted to try that place because the name “Flying Monkey” sounds like so much fun. I’m glad to know the pastries are as awesome as the name!

    • dianadoesfood
      October 3, 2012

      I know what a fun name! You have to try this place it’s so good, I’m going on sunday and I cant wait.. cup cakes and whoopie pies here I come!

      • Lori Latimer
        October 4, 2012

        Ah, Sunday cupcakes and whoopie pies. Sounds heavenly! I’ll make it there. I’m determined.

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