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Sometimes I have a problem picking great red wine, just simply because I don’t know what the hell to pick. When I go in the store there are sections of wine from Spain to France to Italy to you name it!!! I almost wish I had a Iphone app to tell me how to pick good wine.(lazy lazy generation) How the hell do I know what the difference between a 28$ dollar bottle of wine and a 6$ bottle of wine., and what about a 60$ bottle of wine verses a 20$ bottle of wine????? Well after some serious Wine tasting, I can say with great confidence that I have a great knowledge of yummy, savory, delicious wine.

Here is my red wine list (and I will be adding more 🙂 )

( and note that I have not spent over 20$ for any of the wines on my list and they are GOOD)

Types  (of grape)  red wines that are my all time favorite :   Pinot Noir, Malbec, Garnacha, Tempranillo

Brands of wine that are my favorite: Woodbridge Robert Mondavi : Pinot Noir,  La Creme: Pinot Noir //  REX-GOLIATH: Pinot Noir ( I drank 2 1/2 glasses of this about 15 mins ago life is good)  :  Las Rocas :Garnacha// I am obsessed with MALBEC So pretty much any Malbec will do!  Gascon: Malbec  Also Tempranillo  is very yummy. Ergo: Tempranillo !! Cantina Zaccagnini Red is good it is more of a dry wine.

the list is to be continued: off to fine more yummy REDS!!


Hope you guys like wine talk as much as I enjoy the drinking of it !


bottoms UP!


One comment on “RED WINE LIST

  1. Teacher Tina
    October 1, 2012

    I don’t know much about wine too, but I do like La Creme–that I know!

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