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Seafood Sweethearts

Have you ever gone some place where the second you walk out the door, your thinking about what you are going to order next time you go there?? Well this is that type of place !!! One of my favorite seafood restaurants is Anastasi Seafood!!!


       Anastasi seafood Philadelphia

1101 South 9th Street  Philadelphia, PA 19147
(215) 462-0550

When I am in the mood for good seafood, I go to Anastasi restaurant! The restaurant is so cute! It has a homey vibe  and is very authentic! The food there is so delicious! I love crabs, crab cakes, clams, mussels I like it all. (this flip of the coin I’m on the top of the food chain.. for now )

THE CRABS: they just melt in your mouth, the meat from the crabs is so tasty and the butter is so warm and good ahhhh it’s so good!!!! It is a great experience, from the time you walk in, till you roll out with your full belly! They have a full bar, which is a plus 🙂 I usually drink wine with seafood. I’m really into red wine from spain right now. Tempranillo’s and the malbec’s are really yummy a little chilled is how I like it.

I would recommend this place if your looking for a nice night out on the town, Perfect for date night!!

There food is finger licking good! All of it from cakes to crabs! the stuff is like drugs! I need help to get off of it!

SO SEAFOOD LOVA’S you have to try this place!

Hope you all enjoyed hearing about seafood 🙂


One comment on “Seafood Sweethearts

  1. Lori Latimer
    September 5, 2012

    I always enjoy reading about seafood, almost as much as I love eating it. My oatmeal seems way less appealing now. Sigh.

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